She is Poetry

Photo credits: Cristina Purdea ∞ In my generation’s time of secondary education, boys and girls where separated in different schools. I believe that this fueled more the distorted view that we already had of sexuality and the opposite sex. More over in my case, I went to a Catholic primary school run by nuns. Their […]

The Prodigal Son

My tendency is to search, further away from all that I can see; beyond any horizon and dared dream.   Like the flame in wind, I spread myself out from the center that I already am. I venture in so broad a spectrum, that I extinguish myself within the same seeking. It is Love, in […]

An Introvert’s Extroversion

After a Winter of severe loneliness, and heartache, Spring is here, and I decided to set out in writing this guide. All the written aspects, are of course from my own experience, knowing that it might not be an easy task as I first thought. Why? Maybe simply because this is going to require me, […]

Being a Man & not a soldier

Feminism, shouldn’t be in regard to women’s empowerment only, because otherwise it will only result in an other extreme form of belief. For millennia we’ve lived under patriarchal societies, where the women was seen as anything but, a Woman. The times where the Woman was seen as what she truly is, like in ancient Greece, […]

About Knowing & Seeing Clearly

To understand something, we have to analyze and re-define it. It becomes a habit to speak about things that we really know nothing about, sometimes just for the sake of conversation, to connect with someone, or simply for the need of attention. Nevertheless, the fact is that we rarely know what we are talking about. […]

DRUGS are not the problem

A few weeks ago I was invited for two separate interviews, where the topic of discussion was DRUGS, which made me reflect further on the issue. The approach I decided to take about addiction, was quite unconventional, so I don’t speak much about it, because there’s still the “magic pill belief”, and it might be […]

My Relationship with Writing

I always had this thing with Touch, you can say that it goes deeper than Feeling. The touch of paper, and all its different textures, colors, and smells, intrigued me. Having an instrument in hand, between my fingers, like the Pen, with which I could scribble down my thoughts, and see them all lined up, […]