DRUGS are not the problem

A few weeks ago I was invited for two separate interviews, where the topic of discussion was DRUGS, which made me reflect further on the issue.

The approach I decided to take about addiction, was quite unconventional, so I don’t speak much about it, because there’s still the “magic pill belief”, and it might be destructive, rather than pro-life.

Somehow we haven’t managed to grasp the idea that DRUGS are not the problem. DRUGS are merely a way out from a situation for which there doesn’t seem to be a solution. So I have to ask; “what is this situation that makes us turn to DRUGS? Who has created it?” And the answer is; “the way we are living, which we have created”.

Up till now, what the institutions have managed to come up with, is an alternative at the level of the same problem.

We cry for equality, be it gender, race, etc…and yet we are unable “to see ourselves”, “us” as equal; it’s always better than, or lesser than. Separation brings more separation, and that creates suffering, and suffering creates a need to numb, to medicate, to fix. Some people have a person as a DRUG, it can give you the same high, the same low, intoxicate you, and also create severe dependence and craving.

Thus, DRUGS are not the problem, having laws against or in favor will not solve the issue either. Only proper education, based on neutral information and unbiased perspective, together with emotional intelligence, can guide us to a better future.

I invite the institutions to inquire into a new holistic approach.

I am here for those that dare to look deeper and beyond the current constructs of reality.


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