Being a Man & not a soldier

Feminism, shouldn’t be in regard to women’s empowerment only, because otherwise it will only result in an other extreme form of belief. For millennia we’ve lived under patriarchal societies, where the women was seen as anything but, a Woman. The times where the Woman was seen as what she truly is, like in ancient Greece, have faded under the tyranny of religious beliefs of a sole male god; a judgmental figure, whom one should fear. But this didn’t mean only the suppression of women, it has caused men to conceal their feelings; which are an integral part of our humanity. The submission of the Feminine, happened in both Woman, as well as in Man.


In contrast to most men, I had an overwhelming female presence while growing up, thanks to my grandmother that lived with us. Without a word from anyone, I grew with an unspoken adoration for the female embodiment. I related best to girls, rather than to boys. I did my best to look composed, as a rigid container beholding a raging storm. Girls talked about their dreams of castles and saved queens, looking pretty for when that boy gets fed up of his soccer game, and decides to go do something extra-ordinary with his life. Boys were raised by the angry statement; “if you fall and cry, I’ll keep on hitting you.” Tell me what emotion lingers inside you with such words? We were brought up to show none. “Boys don’t cry. Only girls do that.” What kind of demeaning statement is that? While girls were made to believe they’re weak, us boys where the ones that had to be tough. Maybe we simply wanted to enjoy the feel of wet grass, under the moonlit sky? Maybe we didn’t want to go to war, but we were forced to by the greedy. Or we just would like to try what it feels like to wear a skirt, and have our genitals dangling and free, instead of encapsulated in jeans. Well, who’s refraining us from doing that? No one. Just ourselves and false strict beliefs.


We have undermined Man’s ability to feel. It is in most part thanks to our nature, and physical structure, that we’re hunters filled with this unfathomable desire. Even our sexual organ, can be in some way, an indication of that – meaning; an outward approach towards Life. It is on the outside, where sometimes it dictates over our thoughts and actions, instigating the predator/prey paradigm. Of course, the predator is fool to believe that he’s not haunted by his own desire of power. And the prey is only diminishing herself, if she doesn’t believe in her own courage to be otherwise. Whilst not condemning such natural impulses, I feel that it is one Man’s duty to rise above that. It’s just that sometimes we give them too much importance, believing that our manhood depends on such affairs.


Let’s forget for an instance, the titles which separate us. The physical attributes, shouldn’t go and define more than the appearance itself. Beyond that, we are what we want to be, which is what I call as the infinite and loving GOD. You belong to nothing and no one, no shape, no creed – you’re Life itself.


I fall under the category of feminist, not because I am gay. But because I love being a man so much, and because my life’s quest was/is dedicated to the discovery, and awakening of Self. There’s no Man without Woman, as much as there is no Woman without Man. Rise. Rise, whom ever you are!

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