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To understand something, we have to analyze and re-define it. It becomes a habit to speak about things that we really know nothing about, sometimes just for the sake of conversation, to connect with someone, or simply for the need of attention. Nevertheless, the fact is that we rarely know what we are talking about. You do not know how a car works simply because you know how to turn on the ignition and drive. Some people do not even know how to do that properly and responsibly, yet they claim to do so. You know how a car works by going through the mechanical, electrical, and engineering blueprints. However, you say that is a headache, it takes time and patience. Well yes, yet, it is that same approach we have to take if we really want to know ourselves, rather than just claiming of doing so. A claim is an unfounded fact, it is there, yet there is no proof behind it, only conjecture; and that is what we are doing most of the time.

In these writings, I adopt a neutral way, although for some people it might seem judgmental and negative, yet it is not so. It only feels as such, because your belief systems are seemingly being threatened. You as the idea you have of yourself feels attacked because the reality it lives in is now being questioned and its falsity exposed. To see things for what they really are, one has to be impartial, and therefore open to looking at both sides of the coin.

At this point, it is good to note, that our world is made up of concepts, meaning ideas about things, people, god, and even life. They are not real, they are simply opinions, unfounded facts that span past and future, on which you base your current state. Reality does not care about all that; it is unbiased, impartial, and bound not to time. Who you are right now, without any thought that shifts you from the pain or pleasure of the past, into the fear, false hope and expected fulfillment of the future, that one which is empty of all that, is who you really are. You are free always, yet the thoughts you believe in make feel otherwise. If you refer to freedom, as your physical and material freedom, which is subject to life and death because it has been given to you (the Universe allows that), it is itself an experience and therefore subject to change; that freedom is in reality attachment. How can someone that is attached to something, be free? Freedom is much greater than such triviality. If you keep seeing yourself as a person, you will be in bondage with the ideas which that person has of itself, others, and life. Because of that, one fails to see, for even in choosing bondage, the choice has been done in complete freedom. You are loved unconditionally by your Creator, which means that you are supported even in the limitations you pose unto yourself. Until the moment comes, that the light of inquiring flares up in you. Inquiry is not something that you keep up with, that you can control. No, it will eventually burn your house down with you inside it, in order for you to realize, that there is already a roof above your head, and don’t need to build anything further than what you already are. Freedom is the space you see from, much before the filter of judgment is set in front of your eyes, which hinders and distorts the light of pure seeing. Like when a cloud passes in front of the Sun, it will depend on from where you stand and decide to perceive all from; for, between the passing cloud and the Sun, there is no cloud. The closer you get to stand by, or even be, the light, the less will be the shadows and their torment. Whatever is the cause for the world out there, your responsibility is to not seek further from the light of your seeing, to remove the objects that dim its sight, to dissolve that which distorts, by keeping on looking into the direction of your Heart, there where the Fire of Eternal Bliss carries on in its timeless dance. Observe its effortless movement, and become one with That.

This is not merely a spiritual outlook, for even that term I prefer to void it from any definition that it might hold, for you, and for my mind whose job is to distract me from looking deeper and in the right direction, simply to lead me astray and further away from the Truth; which is the realization of GOD without god.

We fall short, every time we stop at the opinion level. For example; I don’t like people because they are noisy, ignorant, and lack any common sense. But who am I? Am I not people also? Am I not noisy with all the voices in my head? Am I not ignorant thanks to my habitual reactions, and because of that same judgment that I expressed towards others? Therefore don’t I lack common sense in the expression of all that? Haven’t I fallen short of seeing the whole paradigm by stopping at disliking people, rather than continuing further in the discovery of what that dislike reflects back to me? Isn’t what I dislike in people, is what I dislike in myself? And isn’t that same separation, ignorance? Haven’t I some time before referred to the fact of how All is One? Or it is so, only when it suites me, or better, the ego-centric idea I have of myself?

I like these rhetoric questions because it is the only way one can discover the truth by him/her-self. The questions themselves are the answer, and therefore they should lead one to stop going in circles, and hence rise within one’s own true nature.

This is to guide you in reflection, because I know, how confusing it can get with all the teachings, and conditioning we are all subject to. I wish for you to discover what you are, beyond the ideas of who you take yourself to be. The process of knowing oneself is endless, and that is because GOD / The Universe, is never-ending, ever pervading, and thus infinite.

Be not discouraged, yours is the one true path; walk it.



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