She is Poetry

Photo credits: Cristina Purdea ∞ In my generation’s time of secondary education, boys and girls where separated in different schools. I believe that this fueled

The Prodigal Son

My tendency is to search, further away from all that I can see; beyond any horizon and dared dream.   Like the flame in wind,

An Introvert’s Extroversion

After a Winter of severe loneliness, and heartache, Spring is here, and I decided to set out in writing this guide. All the written aspects,

Being a Man & not a soldier

Feminism, shouldn’t be in regard to women’s empowerment only, because otherwise it will only result in an other extreme form of belief. For millennia we’ve

About Knowing & Seeing Clearly

To understand something, we have to analyze and re-define it. It becomes a habit to speak about things that we really know nothing about, sometimes

DRUGS are not the problem

A few weeks ago I was invited for two separate interviews, where the topic of discussion was DRUGS, which made me reflect further on the