Matthew Brincat

poet ¦ photographer ¦ mystic


I am going to leave the story out of this, as it’s been written and said too many times, and it also became something of a past-life, and redundant unless called upon.

Taking it to the present…

Art helps me in the process of re-inventing myself over and over, or better said; to embrace everlasting change. It is for me a tool of inner-reflection, and a medium to convey to the eyes, happenings that are more of the Soul.

Poetry made the first cracks in the armor. Photography took care of the rest.

This is the space where I tell about my human journey, by words and imagery.

Art is Healing.

Thank you to those artists and friends who choose to help me deliver a vision.

Get in touch if you’d like to create together, or if you’re interested in my services as a photographer, and artistic consultant.

Based in Gozo, MALTA